wooden wick gold travel candle tin
terrazzo candles
camping candles, enamelware mugs
mariposa terracotta candle 3 wick
teak and tobacco candle, wood wick

Handcrafted soy candles. Based in Cleveland, Ohio Sweet Dish & Darling uses high quality ingredients and ethical practices to bring you the most amazing home fragrances with inspired back stories for each blend.

Thank you for for nearly 12 years of business, laughs, smiles and love. It’s with a heavy heart that I announce the close of Sweet Dish & Darling.  As a result of material and oil shortages that we incurred during Covid-19, we have been unable to create new stock for just over a year now. To make matters worse, I, Sarah, suffered two strokes in March of this year. And while I am recovering well, I see now that it will be impossible for me to continue with the wonderful grind of making candles as I recover long-term. I am so incredibly indebted to you all for your continued love and kindness over the years.

What I loved about this business is YOU. Your support has meant so so much to me on not only the good days but also the days where I’m completely clouded in doubt. I wish each of you a lifetime of love and happiness. I wish you many many moments that create beautiful lasting memories.