Help us keep candle glass out of land fills by reusing or reinventing it.  See our blog posts about how to reuse your candle glasses.  If you're a huge fan and find yourself surrounded by empty candles, you can bring these back to us at select events through out the season. 


To return your glassware, we'll gladly accept: 

  • Empty and cleaned Clear Glass Tumblers, Apothecary Jars and Amber Jars 

  • Without cracks or chips

  • In a box with adequate packaging to prevent breakage (so we can carry it away)

Unfortunately we can't reuse recycled glassware for new candles.

Burning candles weakens glassware on a structural level which can lead to stress fractures during it's next burn.  We wouldn't take that chance on the next customer.  So any returned glassware will be used in the testing process of new scents or for our own personal/studio use.


Please consider reusing or repurposing your glassware and share your results will us by tagging us on instagram @sweetdishcandles or through our Facebook page!