How do I trim my candle wick?

Keeping your wick trimmed helps your candle burn longer, produce less smoke, and allows your candle produce the right environment for optimal fragrance throw.  On our smaller vessels it is easiest to trim your candle wick with your fingers for more control.  Simply grab hold of the wick tip and break it off where it naturally wants to bend, leaving the remaining wick 1/4" above the candle wax.  Larger candles will be the same, but make sure to get each wick (if it's a double wicked candle) to be about the same length. This wil ensure an even burn for the remaining life of your candle.  If you are unable to reach deep enough in your candle container, we do sell wick trimming tools that are specially designed to reach into deep containers, trim and also catch the wick debris.  See those tools here.  For Travel Tins with wooden wicks pinch the splitting portion of your wick and remove for your candle.  If you trim too much of your wick, see the below instructions for cutting away extra wax to unearth more of your wick!


My candle won't light or won't stay lit, why?

Candles have a memory, when you first light your candle allow it to burn to the outer edges of the container to avoid 'tunneling' which happens when a candle is only allowed to burn a small amount each time.  Tunneling will lead to a shorter candle life and a wick that will extinguish itself.


Leave your candle in a cool place, as it will allow the candle to burn more smoothly. Overly warm or soft candles will tend to burn down through the core of the container instead of producing a proper burn pool on the surface.  Store your candles in cool, dry and dark places.


Keep your candle out of drafts. Drafty areas can add too much oxygen to your fire and put unneeded stress on your wick. This will lead to a wick that burns too rapidly and one that will ultimately smolder or never catch fire when you want to relight the candle.  It also produces more heat that will burn off your fragrance too quickly while it's still in the jar.  If you're seeing more soot and smoke than expected, you should extinguish your wick and trim it to 1/4" when your candle is cool.


If your candle is not staying lit for any of these reasons, cut (or scoop) away some wax at the top of the candle around the wick and to the sides of the jar to make a level candle top. Keep doing this until the wick can support a flame or you've uncovered about 1/4" of wick. When it burns, drain the pool of wax around the wick, so that it will not put the flame out. Continue doing this until you have a full melt pool and a happy wick again.



Do you reuse bags and glass?

If you can't find a use for your bag, bring your gently used pouches to us at our next show (see our event page here for upcoming events).   Glass is a little trickier to bring back, glass that has supported a candle in the past can hold onto the stress that its heat produced and can easily crack or get stress breaks when repoured.  We don't reuse any glass at this time as we strive to produce the best product possible for our fans. You can reuse these at home for rocks glasses, fancy mini trifles or tiramisu vessels, bud vases, or planters.


What fragrance would you recommend/I have no idea what scent to get for my [insert person here]?

I often get asked to help someone pick out a fragrance for a friend, sister, parent or a teacher.  And for the most part we're able to narrow the vast array of scents down to something you are extremely excited to give as a gift.  When you're buying a candle online it is extremely stressful and it doesn't need to be!  


My absolute favorite scent: Black Currant Citrus.  I't just the right amount of citrus, musk and fruit to be one of our best sellers and a real crowd favorite.  


Best sellers:  Sweet Orange & Lavender  AND Patchouli Grapefruit.  These two have been customer favorites for 6 years now.  Sweet Orange Lavender is very clean, light and crisp.  Patchouli Grapefruit is where incense and citrus meet.  It's a best seller for a reason!


Or, email us for a gift certificate and we'll get you all squared away with a great printable gift for your friend to use at our next show!



Do you have any samples?

We sell sample packs on our etsy shop here for an even easier time smelling all your options!