Our Philosophy

when you find a candle that's special, you shouldn't have to worry if it's bad for you 

Candles have been a part of our history for over 5,000 years; so our odd fascination with them is inherently a part of who we are as humans.
Smelling a candle that you really love is a rewarding experience. Scent excites our brains unlike any other of our senses, it can transport us in time to moments of our lives and wonderful memories. When we find a candle that's special, we shouldn't have to worry if it's bad for us.
After learning some shocking things about large scale candle makers in the industry we began experimenting with high quality, beautiful ingredients. We've tested and tested and mixed and tested again until we've created an amazing line that we're extremely proud of. 
We use high quality materials like cotton [lead-free] wick, pure natural soy wax, and phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils. Each candle is poured by hand without additives or dyes added to prolong its life.. since we're making them in small batches we don't need any of this crazy extra garbage polluting your air at home.


In our studio each candle scent is developed and tested, poured and packaged.  We find beautiful fabrics that we love and sew each bag by hand for our Burlap Package Line with care.  Every consideration is made to ensure our candles are fit for your love.
-Sarah, Owner of          Sweet Dish & Darling
Whats in a Name?
Sweet Dish & Darling is a curious name and we admit it... but we've kept it these last ten years for a reason.  This little venture started as a way to explore the creative and scientific art of candle making. Our sights were focused on finding a better burning candle with the hope of expressing ourselves through custom blended fragrances and handmade packaging. 
When searching and brainstorming for names we wanted to evoke a sense of comfort and charm while telling you [however indirectly] what we do. From 2009-2011 we tirelessly mixed and produced delicious smelling seasonal scents and even inserted a little recipe card for vintage, prohibition era cocktails or modern day takes on classic sweet treats... this task has since been phased out as we realized that people really didn't need a recipe... they wanted to break down the package and get to the candle as quickly as possible, which is not a problem we're going to complain about!
Since then, what we have left of our original brand is our name. It stays as a reminder of where we've been and why we started... in the beginning when you purchased from us tucked inside a hand-sewn package you'd have a recipe for a 'Sweet Dish' and a 'Darling Candle'... The name Sweet Dish & Darling has remained, but we've graduated and matured over the years, our palate for fragrances has evolved into new sophisticated blends of tobacco leaf and leather, or notes of teak, ginger and cedar.  With the continued support of our fans and growing popularity we now incorporate essential oils into our blends to form high quality fragranced candles that you can truly tell are different, unique and truly lovely.
We absolutely love the opportunity to show you our art, to tell you a bit of our story through our blends and to feel fulfilled when you bring our candles home to share with your family.



FREE of additives

FREE of dyes and harsh chemicals

FREE of phthalates

FREE of lead and zinc

Pure 100% soy wax sourced from the USA

High quality fragrance blends and essential oils

Braided cotton wicks

Reusable glass containers

Hand sewn packaging

Benefits of

Soy wax v. Parafin wax

Soy is made from soy beans \ burns longer and cooler than other waxes \  produces little to no soot when burning \ is a better alternative for people with athsma and allergies \ is easy to clean with soap and water \ is a renewable resource, biodegradeable and non-toxic.


Parafin wax is a byproduct of petroleum \ produces harmful carcinogens when burned\ burns hotter than soy\ contains benzene and toluene (cancer causing agents)\  is non-renewable and a known allergen.


**many typical parafin candles also contain wicks with metal (zinc or lead) cores which leach into the air when burned.