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'One Less Bag' Program

In an effort to decrease our carbon footprint we've been accepting our Burlap Packages to be returned to us at events for $1 off the purchase of a customer's next candle (at the time of the return).  Because we'd like to increase this effort to keep our packaging out of landfills, all of our Burlap Packaged candles will soon contain information regarding this Bag Return Program.   


Instead of directing all customers back to us, we'll be making a Vendor List and linking to it on the tag or insert.  We'd like to offer all wholesalers the opportunity to become a drop-off point for this Program.  If you'd like to be a 'One Less Bag' member and offer [at least] $1 off for customers when they return their burlap packaging, we'll add your business name and information to a list of drop-off points for customers to view and participate.  You're welcome to offer the discount on other items without bags, but we will not include that in the wording, and will be very clear that there is no cash value for these returns, nor will there be rain checks on items.  

One Less Bag

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Returning Bags to Sweet Dish

Once 12 or more bags are collected, we (Sweet Dish  & Darling) will provide you with a prepaid shipping label to return them to us.  We'll either issue you a credit ($1.50 per bag) to be used towards your next wholesale order, or mail you a check at your preference and convenience.  

You can opt out of this bag return program at any time! We think it may be a great way to get people back into stores, and to get gift recipients of these candles to visit our retailers after the Christmas Season is over! 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please shoot us an email at sweetdcandles@gmail.com

Very Warmly,