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Candles with the Best Throw | Ranking Candles by Performance

You've had this happen before right? You buy a candle that smells incredible and when you light it to fill your home with glorious smells you're left disappointed and salty standing over top your candle wishing and wishing for it to start pouring wondrous scents into your face.. into anywhere.

We love getting this question, 'which candles smell the strongest' or 'which candles have the best scent throw'. So we decided to write this post about our line and general tips to finding the perfect scent from us or any other candle maker that fits your fragrant needs. Candles with the best throw will be those scents that you can smell from rooms away. Sometimes you want that, sometimes you want a scent secluded to a certain area. Either way, we'll delve into this more below.

Most times candles that have the best throw will contain spicy or sweet seasonal blends like Pumpkin or a deep rich floral like Gardenia. However, candles with a large surface area of melted wax and diameter of container will the best throw for most scents.

Candles of all types have what's called a Cold Throw as well as a Hot Throw. The Cold Throw of a candle is measured unscientifically when its unlit, uncapped and is described as the intensity of the candle's scent when left in this manner. The Hot Throw of a candle is measured by the amount of area through which its scent travels while lit and when given adequate time to release fragrance (about an hour in many cases). A poor Hot Throw would be categorized by many people as having to sit directly next to or over top of a candle while lit in order to experience its scent if given an hour or more to release fragrance.

Strong scents like Vanilla Buttercream or Glazed Pumpkin Donut would lend well to packing a fragrant punch in your home, but choosing a candle for its possible scent throw may be an entirely different thing. Candles that have a heavy scent while unlit will likely stand out in your home as a winning scent while burning, however some fragrances with floral or herbal notes will also shine when purchased in a wider container (read more below). You may be surprised which scents, when chosen in larger vessels actually permeate your home in many of the same ways as heavy, foodie fragrances. I can hear a round of Cheers from those that prefer the non-guarmand fragrances.

When considering the Fragrance Performance of a candle, its container should definitely be part of the equation. Larger candles, with many wicks and/or a larger surface area will throw more scent into your home that will travel through multiple rooms and for more square footage.

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When choosing a larger candle for a multi-room/whole house scent throw, we recommend a candle with 4-8 inches in diameter. The more surface area and wicks, the more candle fragrance that will be released. Candles with a diameter of over 9 inches may be overbearing for small spaces and for most house guests.

Wooden wicks also offer a deeper and larger scent throw for candles. With their low flame and wood composition, a slow burn leads to more hours of heavier scent.

In most cases, heavily scented or spiced candles like Fall fragrances will be the best candidates for throwing scent in larger spaces while lit. Below we've ranked our candles by Fragrance vs. Hot and Cold Throw and also by the various Containers we use in our Lines vs. Their Approximate Hot Throw.

Since the diameter and surface area of melted wax really is a great indicator of Scent Throw, we ranked our current lines in the table below to help guide you through the possible differences between not only our candles, but other lines out there.

*Burn Time is an approximation of many many tests and by following our Best Practices for burning candles to their fullest potential