• Sarah S.

REEEmix: Blend Custom Fragrances for Your Home...Easily!

This post is all about creating something out of almost nothing. Say you're a DIYer at heart and you've pinned every craft under the sun to your Pinterest Board entitled 'Must Make This.' Who has time to do all of those pins! Candle supplies can be expensive and super messy, having ruined so00000 many pairs of pants and shoes in this profession I will let you in the know; mixing custom scents can be done much easier by simply combining different wax melts, we do it all the time in our own home! Plus there's no fire!

TIP: blending scents is simply about balance. And possibly about mixing things that seemingly don't go together like cinnamon and cedar.

Starting a new: Shop for scents that wouldn't necessarily mix. Makybe pick up a few from each category.. earthy, floral, fruity and sweet. smell them all together then mix and match!

Blend out of necessity: You love a scent, maybe it has a lot of citrus notes that you just can't stand at the moment, but you've got a lot of it left in your melter. Add something with a more mellow base like amber, musk, wood-notes, or smoke. To Black Currant & Citrus that's left in my melter I like to add Wild Pine or Peachwood Amber.

We also like to collect all the little scraps from our candle pours and combine them in our Marble Melter and see what happens.. it's sort of exhilarating to be unaware if you're making a huge mistake or a beautiful ambrosia of smells.

Combinations we love:

CHILL OUT: Smoke & Ash + Palo Santo

provides a grounded base of relaxing incense with an uplifting citrus note.

CLEANING: Rainy Day + Dusk Meadow

combines the super refreshing notes of fig with the softness and clearing benefits of lilac and orange blossom

READING NOOK: Sunday Brunch + Smoke & Ash

mixes super spicy and sweet cinnamon and vanilla with soothing incense notes that let your imagination run.

WORKING AT HOME: Espresso Stout + Cedar & Tobacco

you will fee like you'r drinking coffee in a cabin, or maybe hiding from your work and emails in a cedar closet... whatever works for you

STOP PROCRASTINATING: Ginger Beer & Cranberry + Sunday Brunch

Spicy notes of ginger will kick you in the tush while the warmth of Sunday Brunch makes for a smooth transition from click-bait or insta-stalking to beginning in on that big project.