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DIY: Galentine's Day Assorted Flavors Box

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

We LOVE Valentine's day, so this year the girlfriends and family are getting Custom Assortments of our Mini Amber Candles in scents that remind me of moments or travels with them for a super meaningful and personal touch. Fragrances like Sunday Brunch, Earl Grey, Summer Solstice, Dusk Meadow, Espresso Stout and Peach Tea & Mint make up great assortments for your Galentine! Mostly because they have very relatable names that can be linked to memories, but maybe you once got lost in the Redwood forest with your bestie and want to include our Avenue of the Giants fragrance in your assortment! We spruced up some plain kraft paper boxes from the craft store with an easy minimalist painting effect and added some twine and leather roping like a too-cool-for-school modern box of assorted chocolates!

We spotted these cute little boxes at our local craft store and couldn't pass them up!

6 mini amber jar candles fit perfectly in a rectangular box that's 6"L x 3.75"W x 2.5"H and that's what our 'flavor insert' rectangle template will fit. We also found these adorable 4.5" wide heart shaped box that fits 3 little candles!

What you'll need:

Box Materials

- Drop cloth or old newsprint for corralling your mess.

- Hot Glue Gun + glue sticks

- 1/4" Hemp or Leather rope

- Kraft Boxes in desired shapes- we used rectangles or hearts

- Two Paint Brushes -One 1 -2" thick brush for painting the surface of the box, and one smaller 1/4-1/2" brush for creating your splatters and drips

- Matte (or Satin) Acrylic Craft Paint - We used Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint in

- Crinkle Cut Paper Fill or tissue paper

Candles to fill it

6 or so Mini Amber Candles - or enough to fill your desired box (these candles are approx. 1.5" tall x 1.7" in diameter.


Click to preview, then download to edit the text for your fragrance selection

Heart Flavor Key Insert Template

Rectangle Flavor Key Insert Template

At first we thought we'd use 3D fabric paint to create cute graphics, but let's be honest, that took forever and made the boxes super cute, but ultimately not as reusable. With this minimalist and simple splatter design, you're not only making your job A LOT easier, this box will be more re-giftable or reusable in their household.


Layout your workspace with your Drop cloth or Newsprint and get ready to paint with your background color of choice.

Just Go For It

Squirt a couple puddles of paint on your boxes surfaces and paint it up, making sure to spread the puddle out evenly with your larger paint brush. I painted the outer sides of the box as well as the bottom, you can paint the inside if you have a little extra time. Wash and dry your brush.

Allow you boxes to dry for about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the thickness of your paint.

Next, mix up about two tablespoons (or two generous dollops) of your splatter paint of choice (we're using white in this photo) with a drop or two of water to make it more splatter-able. However, you don't want it to be too thin so you can paint multiple side of your box at the same time without a ton of dripping.

Fill up the bristled end of your brush and swipe it toward your box, in other areas experiment with a different technique by flicking the brush near its metal ferrule and see how that effect works with your design.. there are really no rules.. go to town like Jackson Pollock. We found it helpful to practice on the drop cloth, flicking the paint in some areas and slashing it downward in others... Maybe frame your drop cloth when your finished, could be worth millions one day. Also, I got a fair amount of this on myself when practicing. It may be wise to wear an apron or some beat up clothes.

I tested techniques on the bottom of the box first... then decided that I liked the 'less is more' approach for the top.

Once you've completed with your splatter design, allow your box to dry off to the side for about 4-5 hours since your splatters may be a bit more thick than your base layer. It should be completely set in about 24 hours, but it can be handled a lot earlier.

'Flavor Key' Insert

Now it's time to make your Flavor Key Insert from the printable PDF download area above, you can add whatever message you'd like in each circle in the PDF viewer once the files are downloaded to your computer. For example, in each circle type either the scent name followed by the notes of that fragrance, or insert a memory into each circle denoting which fragrance you chose for that person and why it's so special to you.

Click to preview, then download to edit the text for your fragrance selection

Heart Flavor Key Insert Template

Rectangle Flavor Key Insert Template

To help create your key, here's an example of a typical chocolate box layout with its assortment/ description key. See how its not a mirror image of the candies if you were to hinge the lid closed in between the key and the chocolates. Of course this isn't really a rule, but it may help if you are only including memories in the description without the names of the fragrances.

Finishing Touches

It isn't truly necessary to use hot glue on a rectangular box since you can easily wrap your rope around several times and tie a bow, but if you're using a heart shaped box you can add your twine in a few simple steps. Cut several 9" long pieces of your rope. Hot glue the ends on the inside of the box lid. Pulling taught, continue this on the other side.

Add in your crinkle cut paper, candles and finish with some florals or a card and you're done!

To be honest I wish people would give me boxes of chocolate all year. The Rectangular boxes could easily be used year round for super personal and meaningful presents or even amazing bridesmaid gifts.

Life is like a box of candles, you never know what it will bring, but its full of memories and special moments that should be remembered and shared... I'm pretty sure I adapted that phrase enough to not get sued--right?



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