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DIY: Galentine's Day Assorted Flavors Box

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

We LOVE Valentine's day, so this year the girlfriends and family are getting Custom Assortments of our Mini Amber Candles in scents that remind me of moments or travels with them for a super meaningful and personal touch. Fragrances like Sunday Brunch, Earl Grey, Summer Solstice, Dusk Meadow, Espresso Stout and Peach Tea & Mint make up great assortments for your Galentine! Mostly because they have very relatable names that can be linked to memories, but maybe you once got lost in the Redwood forest with your bestie and want to include our Avenue of the Giants fragrance in your assortment! We spruced up some plain kraft paper boxes from the craft store with an easy minimalist painting effect and added some twine and leather roping like a too-cool-for-school modern box of assorted chocolates!

We spotted these cute little boxes at our local craft store and couldn't pass them up!

6 mini amber jar candles fit perfectly in a rectangular box that's 6"L x 3.75"W x 2.5"H and that's what our 'flavor insert' rectangle template will fit. We also found these adorable 4.5" wide heart shaped box that fits 3 little candles!

What you'll need:

Box Materials

- Drop cloth or old newsprint for corralling your mess.

- Hot Glue Gun + glue sticks

- 1/4" Hemp or Leather rope

- Kraft Boxes in desired shapes- we used rectangles or hearts

- Two Paint Brushes -One 1 -2" thick brush for painting the surface of the box, and one smaller 1/4-1/2" brush for creating your splatters and drips

- Matte (or Satin) Acrylic Craft Paint - We used Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint in

- Crinkle Cut Paper Fill or tissue paper

Candles to fill it

6 or so Mini Amber Candles - or enough to fill your desired box (these candles are approx. 1.5" tall x 1.7" in diameter.


Click to preview, then download to edit the text for your fragrance selection

Heart Flavor Key Insert Template

Rectangle Flavor Key Insert Template