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Best Candles For Bathroom Odor | Stop Stinkin' Up The Joint

Sure, you might be able to suffer the unwelcome odors of your bathroom, but what about your dinner guests or visiting in-laws? For them, it is important we present a clean smelling bathroom, and display we care they have a good experience. In this post, we provide the best candles for eliminating and covering bathroom odors.

Best Candles for Bathroom Odor
Candles with a great cold scent throw are perfect for bathrooms

To eliminate odors in a bathroom you should pick candles that have the ability to cover up the organic scent of our toilets. In other words, you want your bathroom to smell like the scent of your candle and not the scent of your guests' bowel movement.

While picking a candle to cover nasty smells sounds easy, some candles are actually better suited than others for providing the proper coverage to defend against bathroom odors.

Candle "throw" refers to how great a distance any given candle can spread its scent. Cold throw refers to how well a candle can spread scent having never been lit. Yes, this is a thing, and it is precisely what is going to save your bathroom.

If you want to to see how all of our candles rank in the Throw category, check out the post we wrote with detailed candle throw comparison charts here. Below we go into more detail on why a candle with a good cold scent throw is just what your bathroom needs.

  1. Relatively Stable Scent Maintained: The main benefit of putting a candle with a good cold throw in your bathroom is it keeps your bathroom at a continual 'base scent." In other words, the overall volume of your bathroom smells better...at all times.

  2. Lighting The Candle Isn't Always Required: A candle with a good cold throw will put off enough scent that you may never need to light your candle at all...unless it is an emergency in your bathroom.

  3. Your Candle Will Last Longer: If you don't need to have your candle burning at all times it will last longer, and you will save money. Having a longer lasting candle in your bathroom is always good since you don't want to find yourself with tough bathroom odors and no candle.

  4. Your Guests Won't Think You Need To Light It: This might be the biggest reason to opt for a candle with a great cold throw; if your guests walk into your bathroom and it smells great and your candle hasn't been lit, they will just think your bathroom smells like a million bucks. You will be perceived as a magical being with poop that smells like flowers. They will likely love you more.

Our highest rated cold throw candle, which would be the perfect candle for bathroom odors, is our Honeysuckle Jasmine. Not only is this candle great at spreading scent without ever being lit, it also comes with a wooden wick that crackles once it is lit.

If you are going to allow guests to use your bathroom you better take their noses into consideration. While a clean bathroom is the first step, the second should always be scent... After all, you can't have your guests thinking you're bathroom is a bathroom.

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Since eliminating your bathroom odor with candles requires scent, we have put together our three favorite scents to cover up that nasty toilet smell.

We already mention that Honeysuckle Jasmine is perfect for covering up bathroom odors. Its prolific cold scent throw, and delicious smell make this scent our favorite for the bathroom. Check out some of the specs below to see if any of the scent profiles peak your interest:

Scent Notes: Honeysuckle, Neroli, Grapefruit, Jasmine