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Can you Bring Candles on a Plane | A Candle Addict's Guide to Air Travel

Can you bring candles on a plane
Despite popular belief, most candles can travel safely and legally on flights.

Whether you're taking a gift for a friend or you're homeward bound with a souvenir from the trip, we highly recommend bringing candles with you in your Carry-On.

Wax candles are permitted in Carry-On luggage and can also be packed in Checked Baggage. Gel candles must be in Checked Baggage only.

To delve into the various rules and regulations of what you can pack in your luggage visit the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) website here. Stick with us below and we'll cover several bits of pertinent information regarding candles on plane trips and tips to ensure their safe travel, as well as the safety of other items traveling with your candles.

Bring your candles with you in your Carry-On for added safety.. and possibly for a good sniff when you're sooo over that baby sneezing in your face or the adult kicking the back of your seat.

If you're like us, you may just want to bring with you a candle as a small reminder of home. I can remember vividly at least two instances where we landed in a strange city really late and were given a room with questionable odors. If you can't change your room, at least bring a candle to open and waft through the air.

Since then, we never leave home without this travel candle. We always recommend opting for solid metal containers if you're traveling with a candle. But candles poured in glass or ceramic will easily travel with you too...as long as you don't mind the extra carry weight.

Also, definitely don't burn candles in the cabin of any aircraft. That's a hard no.

Considering the amount of jostling your luggage will encounter, candles should be safely packed with layers of protection against the havoc of the tarmac and other baggage for the long journey ahead.

Clothing can be a great packing material, which you'll need if you're packing glass or ceramic candles in your Checked Baggage. By placing 3 or more inches of clothing or soft packing materials around all sides of your candle, you're setting it up for the best possible outcome.

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Be sure to keep your clothing away from contact with candle wax as well, oils and wax are capable of staining your garments.

Prepare for the worst case scenario when packing candles in your checked luggage, especially if they're made of glass. Temperature, pressure, environmental fluctuations and handling pose plenty of risks to candles bound for a trip in the belly of a plane.

While your entire suitcase may smell amazing, unpacking a checked bag full of broken glass and flecks of scented wax or a downright melted candle all over your clothes will ruin your day and definitely ruin your garments.

For added safety, we recommend sealing all candles in 1 to 2 airtight, clear zippered plastic bags before you zip up your baggage for the long ride.