• Sarah S.

How to Create a Dreamy Glampsite

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

With the autumn rapidly approaching, we're grasping at the last days of sunny weather and holding them close.  Soon fall rain and winter chills will keep us holed up indoors, so before the cabin fever sets in we decided to grab all the plushy pillows and blankets we could find and set up a fun mid-day camp picnic in the great outdoors.

create a beautiful campsite perfect for glamping with friends

Breakfast at the campsite

camping in comfort and with deserts

First you're going to need to grab everything you're willing to drag into the great outdoors, we took all of our couch throw pillows, an inexpensive rug we snagged from World Market and some blankets we found at a local flea market...even our dining room cushions headed out with us. A rolling cart like this guy was a gift from my mom, that I really didn't understand as being essential until this adventure... it's basically a manual, all-terrain portable-campsite hauler. 

Camping materials on the move
This is the perfect cart for traversing wilderness in search of a campsite

Because ground moisture can soggy up any good picnic, we also brought a few reusable vinyl table cloth liners to set as the base of our picnic-scape. 

Don't forget the actual essentials, I think I could live without a cushion, but coffee...no way! I may be a snob, but pour-over coffee is the best in my opinion.  Pick up a camping saucepan or a kettle that can warm water in the coals of your campfire.  

We brought along 4 of our enamelware mugs because they're so cheerful and made to be reheated in the campfire embers! 

We love the idea of creating a beautiful environment for conversation and laughter while in nature. Consider your guest's attitudes and preferences, their dietary restrictions and and mobility restrictions when planning and when selecting your site to make this an absolute smashing success.