Inspired by both nature and the type of adventures you might encounter in each cardinal direction. Get off the grid and get into nature! Let's cheers these babies to new adventures together!


Our Camping Candles are highlighted with a wooden crackling wick like a campfire and wild camping scents poured into high quality enamelware mugs. Once you've filled your home with beautiful aromas of nature, these mugs can easily be washed out and reused for camping! Each mug is constructed of tough steel and coated in foodsafe enamel. Crafted to be nestled into campfire embers to cook meals or heat beverages by fireside, you can utilize these mugs for a lifetime of purpose.


If you're headed East, Espresso Stout it is!  The best seller in this line, possibly because it's already presented in the perfect mug, but most likely because it's hands down the best coffee candle we've ever smelled!

Fragrance Notes:

Espresso Stout  |  dark beer, vanilla, coriander, espresso, cedar essence

Espresso Stout | Camping Candle

Mug Color
    • (1) Enamelware Camp Candle
    • smooth crackling wooden wick
    • 11 oz, 80hr burn time
    • steel enamelware will have a handmade glaze quality
    • marbled texture may differ slightly from the above photo.
    • can be reused as a mug for beverages and outdoor adventures