I chose these little candle containers because I could imagine them being filled with a nice Cabernet or Pinot Noir and being clinked together against the backdrop of a sunset in the hills of California with best friends.  So we named them Napa and we’ve been filling them with lovely fragrances for you all to share with your friends! 


Each of these candles is 6 ounces and burns about 65 hours!   

We have two variations for these Napa Style candles! 

1. Black Label: New Limited Edition Fragrances (listed below)

2. White Label: Our Signature line of Fragrances  (listed below)



Honeysuckle Jasmine OUT OF STOCK 
honeysuckle, neroli and grapefruit, jasmine and soft musk


Magnolia Blossom OUT OF STOCK
pink magnolia, violet, heliotrope, powdery musk, amber

Marshmallow & Sassafras
toasted marshmallows, sassafras root, birch beer and warm vanilla


Sandalwood Rose 
A dreamy blend of sweet blossoms, rose petals and fern over a base of incense smoke and sandalwood 


Teak & Tobacco OUT OF STOCK
neroli, tobacco and amber over notes of black tea, vetiver and spicy black pepper. A base of sandalwood, teak and cedarwood


White Balsam & Fir OUT OF STOCK
fir needles, balsam and bay laurel, earthy frankincense and birch tar


White Sage & Peony OUT OF STOCK

peony blooms, lavender and chamomile over cedarwood and white sage



Black Currant Citrus OUT OF STOCK
black currant, oolong tea, tonka, musk (vegan), sandalwood, grapefruit


Cedar & Tobacco OUT OF STOCK
cedar bark, dried tobacco leaf, leather


Dusk Meadow OUT OF STOCK
lilac, orange blossom, honeysuckle and white tea


charred grapefruit and lemon over notes of bergamot and black tea


Espresso Stout 
dark beer, vanilla, coriander, espresso, cedar essence


Lemon Shortbread OUT OF STOCK
lemon zest, brown sugar, buttery biscuits


Moss & Kindling OUT OF STOCK
washington moss, pine sap, grass, balsam


Orange Blossom & Cedar 
blood orange, cedar bark, coconut


Orange Clove & Fig OUT OF STOCK
orange peel, bergamot, mission fig, cinnamon, clove oil, and cedarwood 


Palo Santo  OUT OF STOCK
blood orange, kumquat, spruce, white sage, sacred wood


Patchouli Grapefruit OUT OF STOCK
earthy patchouli, nag champa, pink grapefruit


Peachwood Amber OUT OF STOCK
warm amber, musk (vegan), peach, teak, cedar


Peach Tea & Mint
black tea, peach nectar, mint leaves


Penumbra Moon
wild blueberries, grapefruit, night jasmine, rose water and black tea float over a dreamy atmosphere of tobacco, musk and amber


Peruvian Plum Blossom OUT OF STOCK
black plum, summer blossoms, honeysuckle, verbena


rich moss, ripe fig, freesia, pear blossom


Sea Salt & Amber OUT OF STOCK
coastal blossoms, sea mist, jasmine, amber 


Sunday Brunch 
cinnamon French Toast, Tahitian vanilla, maple syrup


Smoke & Ash OUT OF STOCK
campfire smoke, oak shavings, pine embers


Tomato Leaf & Thyme  OUT OF STOCK
herbaceous top notes of tomato vine and lemon thyme over moss, lavender and galbanum


White Plum & Yuzu OUT OF STOCK
yuzu, fern and violet blossoms followed by white plum, oak
and mock orange end on a wispy light note of eucalyptus and an amber base.


pine needles, apple, citrus, Egyptian musk (vegan)


Woodlot Fern & Cypress OUT OF STOCK
moss, bayberry, champaca, fragrant 

Limited Edition Candle | 6 oz Napa

    • (1) Ceramic Vessel
    • 6 oz,  50 hr burn time
    • approximately 2.75" x 3" 
    • pots will have a handmade quality
    • may differ slightly from the above photo
    • perfect size to repurpose for plants and adding a touch of the coast any decor