These tumblers are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite scent with a cheerful and reusable enamelware vessel!  We chose these for their colorful edition to our cupboards too, they stack beautifully and travel well for picnics in the park!  


Enamelware Tumblers are made from durable steel construction and are made for camping and enjoying the outdoors, but can easily fit into your modern lifestyle.  


Available Fragrances

Dusk Meadow: lilac, orange blossom, honeysuckle and white tea 


Espresso Stout: dark beer, vanilla, coriander, espresso, cedar essence


Palo Santo: blood orange, kumquat, spruce, sage, sacred wood


Patchouli Grapefruit: earthy patchouli, nag champa, pink grapefruit


Peachwood Amber: warm amber, musk (vegan), peach, teak, cedar


Peach Tea & Mint: black tea, peach nectar, mint leaves


Penumbra Moon: wild blueberries, grapefruit, night jasmine, rose water and black tea float over a dreamy atmosphere of tobacco, musk and amber


Sea Salt & Amber: coastal blossoms, sea mist, jasmine, amber


Sunday Brunch: cinnamon French toast, Tahitian vanilla, maple syrup


Sweet Orange & Lavender: white tea, bergamot, French lavender


White Plum & Yuzu: yuzu, fern and violet blossoms followed by white plum, oak and mock orange end on a wispy light note of eucalyptus and an amber base


Enamelware Tumblers

    • (1) Enamelware Tumbler Candle
    • cotton core wick
    • 10 oz, 70hr burn time
    • top diameter 3.5" tapers to 2 3/8"
    • steel enamelware will have a handmade glaze quality
    • marbled texture may differ slightly from the above photo.
    • can be reused as a mug for beverages and outdoor adventures