Fragrance notes:

coastal blossoms, sea mist, amber, jasmine

While Driving up the Pacific Coast we were inspired by warmth not only from the sun but also from the variety of people that we met along the way. We tried to combine the scents from the beautiful breeze in San Francisco, the drive through Northern California, and the unique ambrosia of enjoyable craziness in Portland. We're really happy with where this experimenting has taken us in this scent.


Hand crafted with high quality fragrances and essential oils. Each candle burns clean and beautifully with pure soy wax and a braided cotton wick. All scents are vigorously tested and vegan. 50-60 hr burn time.

Sea Salt & Amber

    • Clean burning cotton core wick
    • Hand-poured small batches
    • 7.5 ounce, 50-60 hr burn time