Wrapped up and ready to gift!

We've filled these beautifully crafted enameled tumblers with a few special fragrances! 


Enamelware Tumblers are crafted from durable steel.  They're made for camping and enjoying the outdoors, but can easily fit in with your modern style! We have quite a few stacked in the cupboard for impromptu picnics and travels. 


Ginger Beer & Cranberry: muddled cranberry, spicy ginger, slice of lime [OUT OF STOCK]


Marshmallow & Sassafras: toasted marshmallows, sassafras root, birch beer and warm vanilla


White Sage & Peony: peony blooms, lavender and chamomile over cedarwood and white sage


White Balsam & Fir: fir needles, balsam and bay laurel, earthy frankincense and birch 


Special Edition Enamelware Candles

$32.00 Regular Price
$29.44Sale Price
    • (1) Enamelware Tumbler Candle
    • smooth crackling wooden wick
    • 10 oz, 70hr burn time
    • top diameter 3.5" tapers to 2 3/8"
    • steel enamelware will have a handmade glaze quality
    • marbled texture may differ slightly from the above photo.
    • can be reused as a mug for beverages and outdoor adventures
    • gift box measures 6" x 6" x 4"