Wax melts are a worry-free way to enjoy candle fragrances all day long. Pop one or even a few wax cubes into a wax melter/warmer to enjoy at least 20 hrs of non-stop fragrance per cube.  It's that simple.  We love these during busy days where we won't be in the same room as our candle. Have unexpected company? Just keep some wax cubes in your plug in warmer and turn it on at a moment's notice.  They are AWESOME! 


Eventually you will notice that your fragrance has dwindled, that means its time to add another cube or time to empty your warmer of the now unscented wax.  Always dispose of any unwanted candle wax in a lined waste receptacle and never down any drain.


Our favorite wax warmers to use with these wax melt cubes are:

Our Mahogany & Pewter Countertop Unit

Our Chevron Wall Unit

Find Wax melts in our Seasonal Scents Here

Wax Melts | Choose your Scent

    • One (1) wax melt container with 6 cubes
    • 2.5 ounces per container
    • 40-60 hrs of fragrance throw per container
    • smoke and soot-free
    • worry-free