Wick Dippers will change your life!

Dipping your candle flame and wick beneath the surface of melted wax will quickly and efficiently extinguish your candle.  Gently draw your wick back out of the wax and you're done, a smokeless alternative to snuffing or blowing out candles will leave your home smelling like yourbeautiful fragrance and not like a smoky candle wick!


We love this for all candles, but especially for deep candles like our Apothecary Jar, Malibu and Big Sur candles.

Wick Dipper | Matte Black

    • use dipper to dip lit candle wicks under melted wax and draw back up
    • eliminates smoke when extinguishing candle
    • adds stability to brittle wicks
    • 7.87" long
    • constructed of lightweight steel
    • packaged and ready for gifting